The Interior Redesign & Staging Association (IRSA) is the Washington, DC Metro area's foremost group of redesign and staging professionals. With members spread from Leesburg, Virginia, to Gaithersburg, Maryland, the group has been in existance since 2005. The member professionals are experts in designing livable and attractive spaces using many  of the furnishings their clients already own and often completing the work in as little as one day.  IRSA meetings are held the last Thursday of each month with the exception of July.  November and December meetings are subject to change for holidays and special meetings.



The mission of the Interior Redesign and Staging Association is to support its members' businesses, professional developement, and the use of best practices through: 

  • Group Discussions

  • Continuing Education Opportunities

  • Networking Events with Related Businesses

  • Increase Awareness and Understanding of the Interior Redesign and Home Staging Industries

  • Support Philanthropic Programs and Organizations through the use of our Knowledge, Talents, and Creative Problem Solving Skills.


What is Redesign?


Redesign is based on established principles of Design

  • Balance (Equalizing the visual weight of objects )

  • Rhythm (Patterns of repetition and contrast)

  • Harmony (All elements come together in a unified whole)

  • Proportion and Scale  (The ratio of one part to another and the size of one object as it relates to another or the space it is in.)

  • Emphasis or Focal Point  (An architectural feature, view or other anchor in a room)


Why Should a Home be Staged? 

Staging a home is a process to prepare the home for sale by:

  • de-cluttering

  • de-personalizing

  • room editing

A typical redesign staging involves using what the homeowner has in their home and rearranging it to show the home to its best advantage. As with interior redesign, we do not buy new things or spend a lot of money.


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