IRSA Members can refresh your space in as little as one day


Interior Redesign reimagines the possibilities for the best of your furnishings, repurposing, recombining, and sometimes replacing select furnishings with those from other rooms in your home. Redesign gives new purpose to things you aleady have, for a fresh new look. You can get more, but spend less with redesign, creating a new look with selected existing furnishings.  Some refurbishing, refinishing or painting may be suggested for older pieces with good lines and great possibilities.

Accessorizing for Style

Using accessories and art can transform a space. Redesign specialists will look thoughout your home for the best accessories to highlight your space or can assist with purchasing new items. Room arrangements are dictated by the room’s size and architectural elements, the necessary function of the room and the furnishings.  Redesign takes into consideration all of the furnishings, from floor to ceiling when performing a room makeover:  area rugs, furniture, art, accessories, lighting, and more.


Staging for Resale

The Home Staging experts in IRSA can simplify your rooms so that buyers can imagine how their own furnishings will fit and will be anxious to purchase the home you have for sale.

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